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Babur, b. Feb. 15, 1483, d. Dec. 26, 1530, was the founder and first emperor of the MOGUL dynasty in India. A direct descendant of GENGHIS KHAN and TIMUR, he became king of the petty principality of Fergana in 1495 and captured Samarkand in 1497. After losing both kingdoms, he occupied Kabul in 1504 and established a kingdom in Afghanistan. In 1525, Babur invaded India. He defeated (1526) the Lodi sultan at Panipat and took Delhi, where he was declared king. During his brief reign Babur conquered northern India as far as Bengal, but he did not have time to establish a secure administration before his death and the succession of his son HUMAYUN. Also called Zahir ud-Din Muhammad, Babur was a poet and the author of memoirs (Eng. trans., 1921-22). The name Babur (meaning "tiger") is also transliterated as Baber or Babar.